WineX benefits at a glance

  • 10 000 visitors Jozi wine lovers visit RMB WineX annually.
  • Target market: Gauteng’s corporate community and members of the public at LSM 8-10 levels and 25-45 age group.
  • Show venue, floor layout and facilities are top of the range: comfortable, air-conditioned, spacious, accessible undercover parking. Venue ensures high standards of security and safety.
  • Show services offered are all included in stand cost: refrigeration and wine storage, ice, water, wine management, stand set-up and cleaning.  No hidden costs.
  • Loyalty programme offers significant discounts for exhibitors who have attended a certain number of shows.  Loyalty is retained or improved by regular attendance of WineX and the regional wine shows on offer.
  • Virtually all of SA’s leading wineries attend WineX and a high percentage of winemakers attend the show.
  • Visitors regard the show more as an event than an ‘expo’.  Visitors network and socialise within an informed wine environment where they update their wine knowledge and stock their cellars.
  • The Shop@Show facility offers a legal retail opportunity to show visitors to buy wine at competitive prices.  As a one-stop order, payment and delivery service, Shop@Show is safe and convenient to both exhibitor and show visitor.
  • Sales at show over R4.2m in 2018
  • Shop@Show participants receive a database of purchasers.
  • Advertising and marketing investment of R1m+ in print, radio, outdoor, online and social media.
  • Best-Wines-on-Show ballot: an excellent means of assessing the public’s awareness of brands and their favourites.  Extended PR value for the Top Ten.
  • Community contributions: WineX pays Rotary for their logistical support at the shows.  Additional funds are raised from the sale of exhibitors’ donated wines.
  • WineX promotes a message of responsible tasting. In accordance with the standards set by the ARA and through the Shop@Show facility, WineX has created a system of legal wine purchase that complies with increasingly stricter liquor legislation governing wine shows.  UBER and other cab services  are promoted as part of the show’s message of responsible consumption.
  • Environmental appreciation: WineX actively pursues environmentally sympathetic principles in all waste management.

Research shows that, taken in moderation, wine is good for your health. RMB WineX supports responsible alcohol consumption. © 2019 WineX Pty Ltd

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