90+ Points Award WinnersWBellingham Homestead Pinotage 2017
B Vintners Wine Exploration CompanyUB Vintners Liberté 2016
BeyerskloofRBeyerskloof Pinotage 2017
BeyerskloofRBeyerskloof Pinotage Reserve 2016
BeyerskloofRBeyerskloof Diesel 2015
Bonnievale Wines DBonnievale River Collection Pinotage 2017
Cape Chamonix HCape Chamonix Greywacke Pinotage 2015
De Grendel RDe Grendel Pinotage 2016
Diemersdal EstateRDiemersdal Pinotage Reserve 2017
Diemersfontein QDiemersfontein Pinotage 2017
Diemersfontein QDiemersfontein Carpe Diem Pinotage 2016
Doolhof Wine Estate ADoolhof Wines Dark Lady 2017
Doolhof Wine Estate ADoolhof Wines Single Vineyard Pinotage 2017
Durbanville Hills BDurbanville Hills Collectors Reserve Pinotage 2016
Fat BastardTFat Bastard Pinotage 2017
Hill & Dale AHill & Dale Pinotage 2017
Kanonkop Wine Estate DKanonkop Pinotage 2016
Kanonkop Wine Estate DKanonkop Kadette Dry Pinotage Rosé 2018
Kanonkop Wine Estate DKanonkop Kadette Pinotage 2016
Laibach QLaibach Pinotage 2016
Lyngrove Wines & Vineyards ILyngrove Platinum Pinotage 2016
Marras Wines RMarras The Trickster Pinotage 2018
Neethlingshof ANeethlingshof Pinotage 2017
Painted Wolf Wines QPainted Wolf Wines The Black Pack Pinotage 2016
Raka Wine ORaka Pinotage 2016
Rijk’s MRijk’s Touch of Oak Pinotage 2015
Rijk’s MRijk’s Private Cellar Pinotage 2013
Southern Right ESouthern Right Pinotage 2017
Spier WinesMSpier 21 Gables Pinotage 2015
Sumaridge ESumaridge Pinotage 2015
The Bernard Series by BellinghamWBellingham The Bernard Series Bush Vine Pinotage 2016
Thembi Wines DThembi Fairtrade Pinotage 2015
VondelingNBowwood Pinotage 2015
Whalehaven CWhalehaven Pinotage 2014
WildekransNWildekrans Pinotage Barrel Select 2015
ZonnebloemAZonnebloem Pinotage 2016

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